Saying yes to #Ladybadassery

I confess, I’ve failed miserably in saying no over the break. I meant to have a break, relax and recuperate. Instead, I’ve taken on a couple of side projects on top of my full time job, and amid massive personal upheaval. Not very healthy!

However I am delighted to say yes to a global initiative called #Ladybadassery and to being the Australian curator. This means that every week or so I promote an Australian woman who is forging her own path and achieving success on her own terms. Some of the stories are so ordinary and yet so inspiring – you can read about them here on #Ladybadassery.

Shining a light on #ladybadasses everywhere

The objective is to shine a light on extraordinary women operating away from the spotlight, who don’t usually receive much recognition outside of their niches.

#Ladybadassery was co-founded by two fabulous, smart, connected women Joanna Bloor and Wendy McEwen (Nee Hogan) who have provided much needed support and encouragement to younger women in their respective industries. If you’d like to nominate a #ladybadass, make a submission here.

So I’m all for celebrating the gutsy and determined woman who says no to being nice, and yes to being themselves.

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