A letter to my friends on starting The No Project Blog

It was my birthday recently. Aside from the lovely presents and wishes, I couldn’t ask for a better present than to give birth to an idea I’ve been gestating for a while – The No Project Blog.

When I started this blog a year ago, it was anonymous. I only told a couple of people as I was afraid of being judged negatively and being ridiculed particularly by people close to me. I doubted myself (still do), and questioned what right or license I have to comment – I mean who cares what I think? But I truly believe that for ‘yes’ people like me, that being able to say no is the basis for change and success. I know other people are struggling with this too in various areas of their life. we ‘yes’ people need practical help in saying no in order to stay sane.

But the time is right to make this public. Given the movement of women speaking out about Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump, it’s even more important for women to say no, speak up and stop being agreeable.

So what is The No Project blog? My object is to experiment with putting the No into practice – at work, and at home – and turn myself into a No Ninja. Each month I’ll try a different book/self help guru. Of course Oprah is going to be on the list, but I’m starting with the advice from William Ury, author of the Power of a Positive No.

Thanks to the lovely women who’ve given me encouragement to keep going with this idea and for being honest and sharing their struggles. Some of them have surprised me as they appear highly confident and successful, running their own businesses, so it’s really been a comfort to know that I’m not alone.

In the spirit of embracing the discomfort and scariness of stating my purpose in public, my goal is to have 1000 women sign up to be part of The No Project. If you’re interested or know someone who might be, please forward on. Or follow the blog on Twitter,  Facebook ; Instagram  and at http://thenoprojectblog.com

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