Ideal vs. real life

Real Life - Sunrise at Coogee Claudia Sagripanti

I had a lovely picture in my mind of my idea life writing witty insightful and inspiring blogs to a regular schedule. That was my ideal life.

Then… there is real life, messy, unpredictable and a bit overwhelming. I’ve been dealing with the exhausting end to a big project. The start of another large and challenging program of work. Taking on additional extra-curricular commitments to which I should have said NO (to at least one or all of them).

And I’ve separated from my husband of 21 years. That was a very big NO. Finally after much soul-searching, heartache and lots and lots of tears. Then setting up house in a new place. So I’ve been working on rebuilding my life. Working out on what else to say NO to, to give myself some space and rest, and gather my thoughts.

“Normal’ transmission will start soon.

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