Are you the friend, partner, family member or colleague who’s constantly available? Are you the one who never says no at work, and is there to answer any question or frantic phone call, but you can’t get your own work done? Do you have trouble saying no to any sweet sounding offer or proposal because you feel pressured and guilted into saying yes? Welcome to the people pleasers’ club!

The people-pleasers’ club is not a fun space. We get exhausted and overwhelmed satisfying others’ demands. Our self worth is tied up with satisfying others’ priorities but we’re not meeting our own needs. 

For most women, No is not a word we are taught to use. We were brought up to believe that being nice and compliant is what gives us love, acceptance and praise. The Art of Yes and No is about finding the balance between being there for others transforming your boundaries, and taking care of your own dreams and goals.  

Founder, Claudia Sagripanti

Claudia is a change maker, creating environments for people and businesses to thrive.

Enthusiastic, energetic, business savvy – Claudia is a consummate connector with a network of relationships across technology, media/publishing and finance. In her career she progressed quickly because saying YES led her to take on challenging projects and roles, launching new businesses and making them work. In the process she navigated quite a few minefields and became a leader in a male dominated industry, but at the expense of family life. Claudia saw other women experience the self-same difficulty in saying NO while trying to achieve balance in work, family and social life. The Art of Yes and No project grew from her research and exploration of this issue with the aim of helping women negotiate the challenge of saying NO so they can say YES to what really matters.

Claudia has the ability to bring ideas to life, engaging with stakeholders at all levels, and bring them along a journey to create value. She’s led the development of professional standards in online & mobile advertising in Australia and was instrumental in developing the digital project management discipline, training project managers and producers on project fundamentals and soft skills such as gaining influence and conflict management.

From early on in her career, Claudia has acted on her interest in empowering women to be independent leaders. As the youngest chair of the Business and Professional Women’s Clubs (Waverley), she organised and hosted the first Women in Government seminar encouraging women to get involved in community issues and national government. Later, as CEO of industry association Publishers Australia, she set up the Women in Publishing network, and continues to mentors young women in the digital industry. 

A passionate Italophile particularly for the food, wine and culture, Claudia also spends her time salsa dancing, photography, stand-up paddleboarding and reading. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Psychological Science to enhance her understanding of human behaviour and organisational psychology.

Feel free to get in touch with Claudia anytime at Claudia (at) artofyesandno.com